How did I go?

When you see me, you wouldn’t necessarily go ahead and think “she must be a gym junkie!” Actually, there would have been no point in my life where one would think that of me. But this week, I have been! If you read my last post, I was talking about how I’ve decided to take on a weekly challenge (maybe not every week, but we’ll see.), and this weeks challenge was a gym challenge. My goal was to go to the gym eight times this week, so once every day plus one more. Obviously, visiting the cafe or sitting in the sauna does NOT count, but I had to do some sort of exercising when I was there. Monday and Tuesday went alright, I did one workout each those days, then Wednesday night I went for a swim. I got up at 5AM to be at the gym when it opened, had a morning swim, and were back in time for the girls to wake up. It was actually great! By then I had done four. Thursday night I was going to rehearsals, so I went for a quick workout before I headed to the studio. By that night I was worried if I could finish the challenge. I had realised my Sunday was booked out, with Melodie going to a party in the morning, then straight to rehearsals after – and the gym closes at 5!

I went for an evening workout Friday night, and hoped to squeeze in two the next day. They were closing at 6PM, so It was going to be a tight race! We took the children swimming in the morning for two hours, which totally counts (I mean, carrying them around for two hours is a workout OUTSIDE the pool, not to mention in water!), and then I just made it back in time to get a 45 min session in before they closed!

Which means, I did it! And that’s pretty impressive to say the least, because hey, it’s me were talking about here. And I managed to do it in six days, not seven! I am very proud of my achievement, but I am yet to find out a suitable award for myself…download


My BFF told me I should do a DIY challenge next, which was an idea I loved, and I got a project in mind, but because that involves a bit of time, I have to do that a different week, as Simon is going away for most of this one. With that though, I have decided that I am going to do some baking EVERY day. I love baking, and what a contrast to the last week. Obviously, I don’t need to bake cakes and sweets for seven days, so I’ll have to come up with different things as well! (And I’ll leave the DIY project for when he returns.)

I did do something clever yesterday that I wanted to show off, which is slightly DIY, but because it literally took five minutes, it wasn’t much of a challenge. I saw someone shared or liked a similar idea on facebook the other day, and decided to make it my own.


As you can see, it is a standard clock, which I have put some colours to. This will help Melodie go to bed on time (well, maybe), and do the things she is meant to – on time. The pink section means homework time, the green is screen time (oh yeah, I’m trying to cut that down), yellow is tea time and free time, while purple means Get ready for bed. When the clock turns ‘Orange’ she has to be in bed,and once it’s it the Blue ‘danger zone’ – she must be sleeping. Her consequence is that if she is not asleep by the time it turns blue, the screen time next day is cut down.

I don’t know if this will have any effect on anything, but we’ve been a bit slack lately, so for a $3 clock, it is worth the shot!

Hope you’ve all had a great week!




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