Sister love

I was going to post This photo a few days ago, but I fell asleep. So I’m doing it now instead, which suits well, seeing I can also share more of the story.

It was taken Tuesday night, after having spent a long day together. Melodie had her appt at the hospital (with unexpected results of 9.9 hemoglobin, for those who were interested. Doctors are Looking into it.) and because we had to wait over an hour, we made it home much later than planned. Obviously this shifted things quite a bit, and after a hurried dinner the kids went off to bed.

Apparently, Melodie snuck into Sophia’s bed just as she was falling asleep, and after a few disapproving cries, they both fell asleep, just like that.

When I asked her in the morning, Melodie told me she loves her sister and wanted to sleep there (which is cute) and Sophia said she loves having someone so lovely in her bed.

They even went on to doing the very same ting last night! How can we stop them, they are just too cute together!<3




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