We’re walking!

When Melodie was diagnosed with Diabetes two years ago, one of the things I worried about was how she would feel alone in this and how we need, as a family, show her that we are all together in this.

I learned this year the JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) are arranging for a fundraising event, called a Walk to Cure Diabetes, so I said to Simon: “This is what we need to do.”

We didn’t need much convincing, and I registered our family as a team to do the walk, hoping to raise some money for research into ways of making living with type 1 diabetes easier, and possibly, hopefully, a cure for the future.

It is not the only reason we are doing this of course. By showing Melodie that we walk together as a family, by showing her others are doing it as well, and being able to tell her that our friends and family have helped us raise money for this cause will help her understand and know that she is, and will never be alone in the world, and that there are loads of people that love and cares for her.

If you would like to make a donation (any amount is awesome!), please do so by following this link

Link To Fundraising page (Opens in new window)

(donations can be received from anywhere in the world, not just Australia!)

We do have to say a massive thank you to the ones that have already donated! Less than an hour after we had shared the link the first time, we had already received two donations, which was pretty awesome!



(also, if you share this blog or the link, it’ll make us really happy!)


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