Let me introduce you to… (v.1 – 2014/2015)

(I am just posting this here as I am updating that page so I still have it somewhere.)


Our little ray of sunshine, the nicest girl I know, has been around for 4,5 years already. She was diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes in August 2013, and life since then has changed some. She is a champion though, and has taken to it greatly. Has an insane passion for anything dinosaurs and insists on becoming an archaeologist when she grows up. The energy and love for life our girl has lights up anyone’s day, and she loves her sisters immensely. Has mastered the act of night-time stalling, and spends her time making up songs about what goes on in her day.


(photo by R. Blair Photography)


Sophia is our little tornado, who turns 2 in September. She walks around ripping everything up, drawing on everything, open all packages and generally being a full-on child, but she does it with such a cute face that there is absolutely no way we can stay mad. She has a beautiful way of caring for her baby sister, and enjoys big ‘tuddles’ with anyone who wants one. With her little curly hair and funny demeanor, she melts hearts wherever she goes. Has a great sense of humor, I have always said she will be the entertainer of them, which makes sense as she is left-handed. Can usually be found in a corner ‘gawing’ (drawing) on something she’s not meant to draw on.


(photo by R.Blair Photography)


Our little surprise baby. Not because we did not know she was coming, but because everyone (except me) were convinced she was a boy. Many people believe Ricky was supposed to be her boy name, but that is not the truth. I will not reveal the boy name we had ‘chosen’, though, as we still may be able to use it once. This little bundle of energy is so loved by her big sisters she wont be left alone. She whinges when they’re not around, and generally settles better when she can hear them. (She listened to them all the time whilst still inside, so no wonder!). A great sleeper like her sisters and has now started lots of solids which she eats with great passion and dedication. I can tell she will be a firecracker like Sophia, which I do not mind at all! At six months of age she is a noisy, raspberry-blowing baby, who brings a lot of smiles on our faces!

image (14)


Simons ten-year old daughter, lives with her mum most of the time, but comes to our house every second weekend and loves playing being a big sister to her three little ones. Loves technology and mobile phones and wants to become a hairdresser when she grows up. Super-helpful she is, loves to dance and sing and help her daddy with whatever he asks her to. Has been fishing with her dad all her life and still loves it.



A typical husky, this four-year old is an escape artist better than Houdini himself. Everyone (who knows nothing about these breeds) assumes she is a german shepherd, but nothing about her is Alsatian, as she is a mix of  Alaskan Malamute and Siberian Husky. I was there to see her mum and siblings, so trust me! She is a very loving and caring dog, and the kids love her to bits. She doesn’t mind a rabbit or bird chase though, and she loves running with Simon. She used to be a chewer, but somehow seems to have grown out of that. A much loved member of our family!


Daddy Simon:

Probably (well, actually) the most loving, caring and hands-on dad I have ever met. Grown up in a country town of SA, close to the sea, he is obsessed with water activities, and his water hobbies include surfing, windsurfing, swimming, boating and probably most importantly; fishing! Does not like sitting still and not doing anything so he is always, ALWAYS busy around the house, building, painting, fixing, gardening and whatever else he can find. Or maintaining his other hobbies, his model air planes and his bass guitar. He is currently working hard on his dad jokes, which seems to go splendidly. He received the Australia Day Medallion this year for his outstanding work in the Defence Force, which we are all very proud of.


(photo by R. Blair Photography)

And Yours Truly, Line:

Love all things theatrical, cooking and making lists. A proud and patriotic Norwegian, who has dreams of being a teacher, to motivate young minds and be the quality educator I never had as a child. Love my baby girls and their dad more than anything else in this world and I try every day to be the best mamma I can be. Using this blog to communicate with family and friends and to practice my English in the written form. You can’t hear my accent, and I am hoping you can’t read it either!:)





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