Friday Favorite – Doggies<3

Aren’t Fridays just the best? Looking forward to the weekend of relaxation, maybe some fun with friends, working on a hobby, or in our case, hanging out as a family. We don’t have much planned, really, Melodie is visiting a friend tomorrow, and because I have no rehearsal on Sunday, (which I will be having pretty much every Sunday until the end of October :D) we may do something fun together as a family – if the weather decides to play along! I’m definitely thinking beach side or mountain top should be the go!

Juuust in case your weekend is looking gloomy or boring and not fun at all, I thought I’d share these favorites from Youtube, who doesn’t like talking dogs!

(over 170 million views! I can account for a fair few…)

“You got me a caat!”

So totally adorable! Hope they put a smile on your face, they always do for me anyway:)

Have a nice weekend!




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