10 points on how it’s like having three (four) girls.

I was talking to myself one day, reminding myself that one of the great things about having a blog like this is that I can read back in years to come and be reminded of how things are right now. Therefore, I’d like to write down a few thoughts on what it is like to be a mum of three daughters and one step-daughter – and maybe in ten years, I’ll write an update on what it is like then!

1. It’s PINK AND PURPLE – their favourite colours, even though I try to buy things for them in other colours as much as I can, they always favour those ones. It’s amazing.

2. It’s SPARKLES AND DANCING AND BALLET AND SHOWS – every. single. day. If it’s sparkly, it’s pretty, if it has anything to do with ballet, we need it.

3. It’s ‘ARE YOU TRYING FOR A BOY NEXT?’ – if people could stop asking this question, that would be great, thanks.

4. It’s ‘CAN WE PUT MAKE-UP ON TOO?’ – I don’t wear make-up that often, but if the girls catch me putting it on, they need it, too.

5. It’s ‘MUSIC, LOUDER PLEASE’ – in the car or at home, music has to be somewhere. Playing the piano or rhythm instruments, it has to be louder!

6. It’s AIRPLANES AND DINOSAURS AND DRAGONS. Our girls aren’t tomboys, and neither are they girly-girls. They are kids. So they all love dinosaurs and trucks and trains and airplanes and all those things.

7. It’s CONSTANT COMPETITION about who gets to open the door and check the mailbox and open the letter and god knows what else.

8. It’s ALL THE LOVE IN THE WORLD AND MORE. There is an endless amount of love being poured from these little creatures, not a day goes by without constant cuddles and kisses.

9. It’s ‘WELL, GIRLS/BOYS ARE EASIER’ – being said by SO many people. We’re either lucky or unlucky. According to some.

10. It’s BEING SURROUNDED BY ANGELS. Oh my, their beautiful little angelic faces that can fix any hurt or mend any broken heart. My world is less worrisome because I’ve got them ❤

I know nothing when it comes to raising boys. I do, however, know a thing or two about raising these gorgeous girls. Individuals on so many levels, yet similar in others. Gotta love the diversity!

And NO, WE ARE NOT TRYING FOR A BOY NEXT (if we are having more children we couldn’t care less about their gender) AND I DON’T BELIEVE FOR A SECOND THAT EITHER SEX IS ‘EASIER’. So there.




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