Finding a niche

I have been contemplating my blog lately. Part because I haven’t been able to write nearly as much as I have wanted to, so all my writing has gone elsewhere (which is good in one way, but I’d prefer it on here.), and parts because it is now my one-year anniversary for this blog, and I think I may have started out wanting it to be something else.

What that is though, I didn’t know. So I have been thinking – should I find a niche and stick to one subject?

I could start writing about parenting stuff only. A mom-blog. I am, after all, a mum of three (four) girls – and this has obviously its ups and downs, so I’m sure I could find a lot of material if I went looking for it.

Or I could write about being a diabetes-mum. There is an abundance of things I could end up writing about when it comes to Melodies condition, and if I chose to put a lot of work into it, I’m sure I could fill that bucket as well.

Perhaps I could try to be funny and insightful – writing about the challenges of a foreigner without an accent living in Australia? Man, I have got tons of anecdotes and good (according to myself of course) observations of the Aussie way of living.

The problem here, though, is that I like all those things. I like just being myself, someone who likes to write about the subjects that pop into my head. Finding a niche may (probably not though) give me a broader audience with the same interests, but that is not why I write. I write for me. If my friends and family want to read what I write, it makes me happy. So partly, I write for you as well.

I’ve given up on the idea of niching. I couldn’t possibly stick to one thing. And what would there really be to gain? No, Imma be me, with the variety of stuff I already like, and maybe even more!

(On that note, though, if anyone has any actual wishes for something I should write about, let me know!:))




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