Science projects

Just thought I’d share three easy and quick experiments you can do with your children.
I always make mine come up with a hypothesis before we start, as if it’s a proper school project.

  1. The Melting Snow.

We did this one in Norway, where there was actual snow, but you can easily do this with any frozen substance (preferably ice to minimise the mess.).

Ask the child what happens if you take the ice out of the freezer. When they have said it will melt, tell them to divide the ice into two containers. Place one of them in a hot spot and the other in a cold spot (In the sun and in the shade, on the counter and in the fridge). Ask them which one will melt first. Discuss why and how and what along the way. When one of them has melted, spend some time talking about why this happened the way it did.

melting snow

  1. The Volcano.

If you’ve never made a volcano in school, now is the time – it is super easy! All you need is a container – it can be a small bottle, can of drink – the best is a cylinder with a small hole on top. You need some baking soda, vinegar and dishwashing liquid. Make a mix of mostly vinegar and a squirt of dishwashing liquid enough to fill a bit more than half of your container. Put about a heaped tablespoon of bi-carb soda into the container and place it onto a tray or take it outside where you won’t mind a bit of mess (If you want to, you can put some food colouring into the vinegar mix, but this will obviously be messier.). When you are ready, pour the liquid into the container and watch it froth! The kids love it! If you want to go all out, you can add dinosaurs and make a clay volcano before the mix is put in, but I haven’t bothered so far. Still fun!


  1. Will it mix?

Get some oil in a glass and water in another, ask your child if they will mix. Have them pour one into another and see what happens. Tell them to mix it as well as they can and see if there’s a change. Then, add some dishwashing liquid. Magic!

My kids love things like these, and they are so easy to do and you’ll have everything you need at home.

In the name of science – go and science it up! Happy Sciencing!




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