That girl was made for walking…

…and that’s just what she did!

Wow! It’s been a long time coming, she is now 16 months and one day old – and she took her first tiny little steps today! I managed to get the camera working for her step number 6 and 7 so I might show you one day, if it is of any interest.

When Melodie was 15 months, I wrote this song to her;

And I was just thinking today I should rewrite it for Ricky, as she has waited even longer than Melodie to take those first steps, and then she did it! So maybe I’ll do just that, record it again and make one for her, but for now I won’t.

She has spent so much time the last month and a half just standing up. She has quite a good balance, and she can stand up on the middle of the floor for minutes at a time, and then she sits down as she is bored. But today – TODAY was the day for her steps. Proud moments right there. She is no longer a baby!

Of course, we had to go buy her her first pair of shoes. God knows how many pairs of shoes in her size we actually have lying around, but her very first pair had to be a new one. We got her a fancy pair of bright orange ones, and she wore them in the shop before we paid for them. Because I had to take them off while paying for them, she threw a proper tantrum and was not happy until she had her new shoes back. Such a funny little one.

When we came home, a little late, she put on a walking show for daddy. Equipped with her new, bright shoes on her tiny feet she walked and walked out the front of the house, with everyone cheering her on. You could see she was proud as, and at the end she fell down, laughing and laughing her head off.  

 The other kids have had a tradition of getting a rocking horse when they learned to walk. Melodie got an actual horse, and Sophia got an airplane. We looked for one for Ricky, but only found one sort which seemed that it was not good quality, so we decided against it. I’m about to google and find out where else we can get one around here.

SO excited and happy now, we’ve waited for this for a long time! Well done, RickyTick!




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