Day out

 We decided to spend a day out, having spent so much time lately with other people. A real family day. We got in the car, splurged on a breakfast buffet and continued on to the Barossa valley, looking for wooden blocks for Ricky. It was great not having any plans for the day, yet still doing something productive.



We played dress ups in the visitors centre. The kids loved their photo booth! After a few hours and being able to find the two things we have been looking for, we got back in the car to drive home. Obviously, we found a new place we’d never seen before. A lookout. And the view was breathtakingly beautiful – even though it was windy as!


What a beautiful country this is! We’ll come back to that spot for sure.


Sleepy girls on the way home!

Coming home, Melodie went to visit a friends house – which she was looking forward to all day! The other girls were happy to be home with their toys, while Simon continued his project.

Days like today are just worth gold and more… More please!<3




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