Just popping by to brag a little.

I haven’t had the time to write much lately, but I do want to share a proud mommy moment with you. Many ask me and wonder how my little one is doing at school – and just quietly, she is doing great!


This little clever cookie came home today, with the message saying she is now a level Three reader! (Which I’m pretty sure is the highest level in her class.)

Whatever level she is on doesn’t really matter though, and although we were very happy for her and so proud, we remember to remind her that the number of her level matters less than her actually liking what she is doing.

Because that is the ultimate truth as well, and she spends almost every hour of her waking day either writing or reading and challenging herself – and she really likes it. Of course, seeing that her investing time in it pays off in regards to how good she is, makes her love it even more.

So yes, to the countless questions I get about her and school – she is thriving and loving it:)

And we are very proud of our cookie!




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