The heroes.

It’s Anzac Day today. A day that doesn’t mean much to most of my readers, but a day that means so much to the australians and new zealanders.

It is easy to explain to the young ones why we celebrate this day. It is easy to lay down a wreath and say a few words and sing some songs and have a minutes silence and listen to the bagpipes.

But it is hard to make the children truly understand why. And even harder to make them and ourselves understand the fear and courage the brave soldiers were possessed by. How they fought and died – for us. It is hard to hear the speeches and poems without getting emotional. It is hard to see the wives of the fallen warriors lay down flowers without feeling sorry for them and admire their bravery.

What is not hard is being a foreigner. I thought I would feel like an outsider on this day – I thought I could never really relate. But it is so clear to me that today we celebrate the heroes. The ones that fought in Gallipoli a hundred years ago, the ones that served in WW2 and Vietnam – and also the ones currently serving. The ones who, right now, are putting their life on the line for myself and my beautiful children. They are all worth celebrating and remembering.


We also have our own heroes today. Simons dad is a veteran who served in the Vietnam war. Simon is currently serving, and has also spent time in a war zone. They have both served us all with their own selflessness and courage – they are our own heroes.

Today they are marching together – for the first time. And my girls will be waving at them, proud as ever.

Today we say ‘Lest we forget’. Today they will all be with us, in spirit and in our thankful hearts.

(Even the non-Australian hearts:))




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