All the plans that weren’t.

Sometimes we make plans without thinking them through enough. Like this Easter weekend, when we planned to go away for a few nights with the kids. All excited we sat down planning what to bring, and then it hit us: we don’t really want to it. Why? Best case scenario, we go down, set the tent up and all the kids go asleep when we tell them to.  But both the little ones are at the stage where what we say isn’t necessarily the law anymore. So we could potentially have these two crying and carrying on without going to sleep, where I’d probably have to drive around in the car to get them to sleep, kinda ruining the night for everyone. And as much as I shouldn’t care about others, their experience might get wrecked as well. So we figured we could do only one night? But we quickly decided against it. Pitching the tent for one night only is just not on. So now we’re not going anywhere.  We’ve decided to go during school holidays instead, when we can bring Joey and stay in a cabin.

This doesn’t mean we won’t be busy though! Last night we went to some friends for a barbecue, so today we stayed home mostly. We did some Easter baking, prepared our dinner early and watched movies. Then, when Rickys nap was finished, we hopped in the car with all kids bikes and drove to Gawler for a bike ride with the kids.

Sophia has just got training wheels on her bike, but man, that girl is keen! She pedalled on like nobody else, I’m sure she’ll be off them before Melodie! She did have a few falls though. But I’ve taught her well:  ’tis but a scratch, mum’ and back on the horse she went.

After the ride we went to the playground where The girls got to enjoy themselves.

Simon found a great tree for the girls to sit in, which Ricky absolutely loved. She was the queen! Nature play is just the best.

Easter has started great for us, all the girls helped baking today, Melodie even cut the veggies for our salad, which she proudly announced that SHE made. Best dinner ever, of course.

Tomorrow there’s fishing on the cards for Jasmine and Simon – and I’m hoping to get some more baking done!

I do love days like these ❤




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