It’s been a toothy kind of week!

This week marked a milestone for all three girls. I have found one of the differences here compared to Norway is that we have to find everything out by ourselves. Especially when it comes to the children. When to see the child health nurses, when to do immunisations, when to see the dentist, how and when to enrol your children in school. In Norway you are told when and you go do it. It works, and we don’t have to feel like bad parents when we haven’t got everything done at the right time, as we will be prompted. While we were living in nsw we were meant to take Melodie to the dentist, but I could not for the life of me get correct information from anyone as to how and when and where. And when I found out how to do it here in SA, I didn’t understand why they had made it so hard over there. Anyway, after a lot of stuffing around our appointments we finally got all three girls in this week for their first dental session.

They were all excited, and Melodie were pretend shy as normal, so Sophia went first. Melodie even got to take photos of her teeth, which she thought was pretty cool. All girls had great teeth, and Melodie had one painted as well. Being a diabetic she is obviously more prone to cavities apparently. They left the dentist with a new toothbrush each and big smiles on their faces!

The last few weeks, Melodie has had two of her teeth getting looser and looser and the dentist told her to keep wriggling it so it wouldn’t grow back ino her mouth. Yesterday she say on our bed in the morning and just simply said: “I took my tooth out, we need to find a glass.” Cue the sqealing mum getting all excited and emotional. She went to bed hiding under her doona so she wouldn’t see the tooth fairy.

This morning she woke up, with a glass full of money (I hear the fairy pays more for the first one) all ready to save it for something special!




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