Sunny Saturday

Simon went to a tennis tournament today, so we’ve had a whole day on Skingen ladies lounging at home. We all went down to the playground after lunch with a whole two hours spent playing and hanging around.

This smile. How can you not be in love?

Oh, she is only taking a shelfie. Of her and the playground. With a mirror.

Not long after our return from the playground, Ricky fell asleep and there was a knock on the door. Melodies friend from school came to ask her to her house for a play, and after a quick blood sugar check they were off to have a good play. I honestly think it was the first time Melodie has been to someone else’s house to play without Simon or me there, but I only realised afterwards.

After a few hours I got Sophia and Ricky and we walked up the street to get her home, and since there is literally just one house between them, this was no effort of course.

Now were waiting for dad of the house to arrive back, and it’s bed time! Good day today:)

Nighttime cuddles.




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