We are expexting a birth any second in our family. It’s not my turn though. I think you may have known. Joey isn’t pregnant either, thank goodness.

A few weeks ago we noticed a caterpillar eating leaves off our lemon tree. Simon flicked it off and thought that was that.

About a week later I was sitting out the front, when I noticed a brown/white knob on the tree. When I inspected it, I realised it was a cocoon, and that a caterpillar had been using our tree as a hatching place. 

Now, you may know me as a butterfly-phobe, freezing up being near any moth or butterfly, but I can’t help to feel it’s a beautiful gift from natures side to have this transformation happening in our presence.

We have found another cocoon. So now we are eagerly waiting for it to pop open and reveal a beautiful butterfly, whom we may never get to actually see for ourselves.

I’m quietly excited for this. Who knows, it may cure me?




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