Long weekend over here!

The school had a day off Friday, and today is a public holiday, so Melodie has had four days off in a row, which all the girls have loved. It’s been mostly cold and yucky weather, but Saturday turned into a beautiful, sunny day.

In need of some groceries, we walked to our local shops Friday morning. Whenever the season changes I find a lot of joy in getting the kids dressed in other clothes, this time of course the change to warm jumpers and pants made me happy. Much less worrying about sun protection and them being to hot in what they’re wearing. I like winter, too.

The daily exercise with these three!

Simons dad, who lives interstate, arrived Friday night to a town a few hours away to participate in a model airplane competition. This prompted us to get up Saturday morning and drive there to see him, killing two birds in one stone! We got to see a new town, called Murray Bridge, with the river Murray running through it. We enjoyed it, and decided to put it on our list of places to visit again, with the boat next time so we can drive up the river. We got to see Simons dad flying, and he ended up winning, which made the girls very happy. Sophia is an airplane-lover and was really wondering if her grandpas plane would work, so she was ecstatic when she saw it in the sky. It was a great day for all of us, and we went by the beach on the way home. Simon and I don’t get much time to ourselves, but when we revisit the places where we fell in love, it sure helps keeping the spark alive, so we try to do it when we can:)

Watching grandpas airplane flying around!

Sunday was a day of relaxing at home getting some jobs done. It was only at the end of the day I remembered it was women’s day. I did get a foot massage for that reason though!

Silly Sunday selfies.

Simon has been fishing today, while the girls have been doing craft. Melodie made a lovely collage of things she collected on a nature walk yesterday. Tomorrow she’ll be back at school for a few more weeks before the school holidays start! When Simon came home from fishing, we went for a family drive to the Barossa. Some geocaching for fun lead us to some interesting spots. Now it’s bedtime for all before the busy week starts again!

Barossa view. No filters!




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