Default happiness.

There are so many things to love about children, but one of the things I truly appreciate the most is their ability to have happiness as their default mode. I mean, if I could wake up every morning with a massive grin on my face and experience this intense happiness about everything positive in my life, I’d love to. 

I don’t wake up miserable in any way, I just don’t smile while opening my eyes. But then I look across the room, see my beautiful Ricky standing up in her cot, widest smile I’ve ever seen. Default happiness.

And then I see Sophia, who has crawled out of her bed, running in to our room and sees her baby sister is awake – yells “RICKY!!! YOU’RE AWAAKE!” And they both laugh with their whole body. Default happiness. Melodie comes in, with sleep still in her eyes, but a smile on her face anyway. Woken up happy. 

At some stage in life we stopped being happy by default. At some stage tiredness, responsibilities and other things took over our lives and happiness came second. My beauties inspire me to try harder to start with happiness. If we start our day, take a few seconds to stretch, but then turn on that smile before any negativity has time to get through, we may not be as affected by it. 

 If only I could go back to the mode of my children – and have happiness as a background feeling, something to only be distracted slightly, not the other way around, where we are distracted by happiness.




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