Sticky, sticky heat.

Some people enter into the cold winter and start dreaming about the summer that just finished, and long for the warm summer days where shorts were a staple and the cold beer was a gift from heaven.

I am also thinking back to days gone by. Back to when we were in Norway. Back when I would look out the window and get frostbite without going outside. When the kids needed multiple layers before going out to play. To the day Melodie built a snow cave with her uncle and his girlfriend and I had to shower her in hot water to melt the snow stuck in her hair. To rosy cheeks due to cold, not sunburn and extreme heat. I’m longing for a snowball to the head, so the snow melts and runs down my face, chest and back.

Dreaming of 20 degrees minus, compared to the 41 plus we are having today. It is sticky, yucky and way to hot for my Norwegian Viking blood. I plan on getting us all into the pool ASAP!


Which is nice. I suppose.



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