Houdini would be proud!

A toddlers strong will can take down the best of us, and right now I have succumbed to the almighty two-year old. I am currently sitting on the floor in her doorway, waiting for her to fall asleep. Every other option has been used up. You see, she climbs out. It’s a new thing, and she loves it. When we were in Norway, she started. So we put her in one of those sleeping bags for babies. Nah-uh. Suddenly we saw her tip-toeing down the stairs again.

We turned it wrong way around. AND put a shirt over it, so she couldn’t reach the zip. That worked.

We come home to Australia and two nights in, she realises she can climb out here, too. I find another sleeping bag, and that worked for a total of five nights. Putting a shirt over it did not help. On to a different sleeping bag, which really was too small, but she could just fit in it. Five more nights.

Then we put them both on at the same time, knowing well how hot it is here atm. That lasted for two lore nights. So then what? No more sleeping bags with different configurations, no tight shirts so she can’t pull it up and get to the zip. We tried a safety pin, but hey, Houdini wasn’t stopped by one?!

We even tried the straight jacket style – her hands inside her sleeping bag – THEN a jacket on, zip at the back. But I just couldn’t have her sleeping there like a worm, in the heat, not being able to change positions, so although it may have worked, I couldn’t do it.

So now I sit here. Because as long as I am with her, she falls asleep. Her getting out of bed doesn’t just include getting out of bed, you see. It also includes breaking into the bathroom aka ‘the room with all the squeezy stuff which MUST be squeeezed everywhere’, the toilet aka ‘ooh a big hole with water, let’s see how quickly toilet rolls sink’ and my bedroom where Ricky sleeps aka ‘the room where I shall try not to wake my baby sister up by biting her hand…. Oops?’.

So I can’t just let her either. That’s what we did with Melodie when she was in this phase. She didn’t do anything naughty. She just played or read. Sophia? Well, that’s a different story… I guess until I come up with a better idea, I’ll just sit here at night… At least I get to watch her sleep and sing to her. And I do love it, in one way<3

Prison Break could learn from her!



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