Foodie Friday: harvest box!

Occasionally I get e-mails from these companies (scoopon, living social etc.) with deals that actually has value to me, like ten-visit pass to an indoor playground, which we are still using, and we saved about $50 on that one. Those things I really love. I have to go through a lot that I definitely don’t need, but the other day there was a voucher for three weeks of Harvest box, which I couldn’t resist!

What it is, is a little box of healthy treats that gets sent to your work or home every week, and we got our first one today.

I’ll show you all:


Sophia helped me open it of course, and she was mighty happy with the contents, one was cashew and peanuts, one was called rocky road and had pecan, sour cherries and milk chocolate, one had mixed nuts, and the last one was pistachios. I love pistachios, so I’m saving them for tonight! After I’ve eaten it all, I will go on their web page and rate them, and next week I’ll get different mixes, probably:) what a nice treat! If I had a job I would definitely have this box sent there!



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