What a week!

Wow, you know when you have those weeks where everything happens? Yeah, we’ve just had one. In a most positive way, at least!

Last Saturday my sister and I decided to leave the girls behind with Simon and go for a proper girls shopping day to Adelaide. When we arrived in town, we decided to go a different street than we normally would, and to our luck, Movenpick was opening up an ice cream shop just then, and was offering free ice cream! We had to wait in line, but seven minutes later we were one of the twenty first in and we walked out with our own scoop of heaven – for free! (Being ‘Sunnmøring’, it was tje best score of the day!) I tasted a coconut flavoured one, and Birthe tried panna cotta – both beautiful! We even went back before we went home to try more, and let’s just say, we’ll be back.

I have decided on a new trade. Maybe. Well, I’ve always been fascinated by face painting, and the kids loved it, and so when my sister bought me some face paint pencils, I got a book with a starter kit with it, and we spent all day Sunday practicing! I was pleasantly surprised at how good I was (considering I have no artistic skills, really.). Birthe got the ‘ice queen’ look.


For those overseas, we celebrated Australia Day on Monday. We got all dressed up for the free breakfast and fun day the council had set up here. And what a job they had done! I mean, there were jumping castles galore, rides, yoghurt, horse rides, games, roller coaster, circus artists and petting zoo – and it was all free, the bacon and eggs for breakfast as well! What a nice thing to do for the rate payers – and what a great community spirit it creates. So much fun, and we didn’t even get through it all! Sophia had her first horse ride, and the kids got to cuddle a piglet. Us adults enjoyed it thoroughly as well.


As most would feel the beach is the pace to be on Aussie day, we didn’t quite make it, but a BBQ by the pool is kinda up there as far as alternatives go!

Melodie started school this week as well, and she absolutely just loves it! I am a very proud mamma, and I think the rest are too! She even got an award on her very first assembly! We decided to attend as well, and were very pleasantly surprised she was awarded for Settling in well.
She can’t wait for next week!

IMG_1521Waiting to pick up our Mel!

Yesterday we had a joint party for our two birthday girls, with some friends and family over. There were 8 girls in total plus one boy, and we all had a blast in the pool and generally enjoying ourselves. Great day!


I just want to share this gorgeousness at the end here. She ate a banana and said “mamma, take photo of Fia eating nana?” – and so I did!


Simon and Birthe have gone surfing, but Sophia is not well so I’ve stayed home with the girls instead. I should be tidying up the rest after yesterday, but I’ve been playing with the girls so far:) I’ll get onto it soon!



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