Ready, set, GO!

As I mentioned before, I want to have a competition! The prize will be a goodie bag with a little bit of everything in it, and I will post it once I have it.

You have to search around on my blog to find the answers.

1. What colour are Melodies snow pants that she used in Norway?

2. I used to have a different blog before this one. What is the link to the old one?

3. I wrote a blog about freezing milk. What are one of my suggestions when it came to using it all up?

4. What kind of cake did I make for halloween?

5. A few months ago, our family went camping. Where did we go?

The questions may seem hard, but I have plans about making it easier as we go. The comp will run until the end of the month!

Click on this link to submit your answers, then comment somewhere on my blog to let me know you have.

Good Luck!:)




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