I can’t get enough of you baby

Something happened yesterday which confirmed my belief in doing good things, and you get good things in return. And sometimes what you get in return may not be what you expect.

Before Christmas I have away some VHS movies. They were taking up space in our house and a friend said he would take them. Easy. Off they went. Simon had a big Star Wars battleship of some sort sitting in the shed, but e decided to give it away only a few weeks ago to someone who is a huge fan. It was probably worth a little bit, but he got it for free, which was a very nice gesture.

Yesterday my sister and I went for a morning gym session, and on the way home we went by a garage sale (which turned out to be a clearance sale of everything in the house!). We found a foldable chair for $2 and were on our way out to the car, when I spotted this gorgeous girl sitting in a room. I asked the lady “Are you selling that Piano?” She said yes, and that it was fifty dollars. My heart was beating, calculating in my head. It had to become mine. “Does it work?” I hear myself saying, without any sort of knowledge about pianos. Apparently it is over a hundred years old, and can’t be tuned to concert standard, but on its own – tuned – it will be great. “Will you take forty?” I ask, never really comfortable with the whole bargaining process, but being married to a bargain hunter I’ve learned a few tricks.

We get back in the car, after having skipped and hopped in there, my sister asking: “What will Simon say?”

‘Oh, he is going to love me!’ She didn’t seem to sure.

Well home, Simon was out the front, we wind down the window, yelling: “I BOUGHT A PIANO!!! FORTY DOLLARS!!!”

I could see his face light up: “Bullshit? No way… Really? I LOVE YOU!!”

Luckily we had all the guests coming yesterday and they helped moving it here, as it is heavy as. But she is gorgeous, antique, travelled from Germany and spent most of her life in a church. She sounds a bit off, but the kids have already taken to her like a house on fire – and Melodie is practicing her ‘pretty scales’. She says the dark sounds are like dinosaur stomps and the high sounds are birds chirping away – and the poetry in that is just beautiful.

I don’t know how to play, but I will be learning now!


(And a newer version of this piano, in mint condition, could be worth up to $12000… Not bad for $40!)

Never mind me, I am just going to be sitting here by my piano…:)



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