What we’ve done

You may or may not know that we have travelled back to Australia and been here for a week and a bit now. My sister followed us back as she is moving to NSW for studies next
Month, so we had much more help on the flights back here. (I am hoping to find time to write a more substantial post about our Christmas overseas)

Since arriving back here, we’ve had a dose of all kids getting sick, some sunburns, but fun times
Nonetheless. I’ll post some pics to show you all.



The pool has been very well used, and we are quite happy it
Is here as some days have been hot!

My sister and I have been to see the Tour Down Under, where we were eagerly cheering on Team Sky, as it was our only link to Norway…:) Great fun!


Driving back from the tour, we stopped to check out the burnt areas, which I can now say is about 15 min from our house, for those of you who we’re asking me earlier. It has a poetic beauty to it, the new life that will be where the flames burnt through, but I couldn’t help feeling immensely sad for the losses people have suffered.

I found a man while
In Australia, now we’re preparing my little sis!

Yesterday we made it to the beach, and it was a perfect day, with bumper cars, carousels and ice cream in the end.

Just some random photos:





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