Another birthday in our house this week! My brilliantly beautiful Melodie turned five today, and with a new dinosaur for breakfast and an Elsa dress for dinner I don’t think her day could’ve been much better!


This year is going to be so special and exciting for us, with the first day of school approaching rapidly, only a few more days until she is forever out of my full-time care and into the life of the school girl. She is excited and so ready – I know she will love it!


We took the whole family to an indoor
Playground, despite the weather being beautifully clear and sunny. We all realised being inside for a few hours would do our skin good – as it has had quite a lot of sun the last days. The girls loved it though – and are now sleeping soundly in their beds!

Looking back on Melodies journey here, it is evident that she was always meant to be a big sister. The beautiful person she is would have been wasted being an only child and she is only growing better the older she gets. Boy, I love that dinosaur-obsessed, make-up-loving, hip hop dancing special girl. She, together with her sisters, has made my world. So proud.



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