One <3

Time flies when you’re having fun, and time surely flies when one is having fun being a baby!

It has been a whole year today since our baby girl Ricky was born and got to see her dad and mamma for the first time. I will not forget her very loud cries, which apparently was heard throughout most of the hospital. What so many thought was going to be the first baby boy of our family turned out to be yet another sister – just adding to the pile of pink! The first song I played for her during her very first hours of her life was Ellie Gouldings version of “How long will I love you” – and she just lay there, looking at me with her beautiful blue eyes while I cried. We had some beautiful moments in that hospital – and they were so good at looking after us there.

Now, one year later, as always, it amazes me how far she has come. She is a gorgeous little bubba who loves kisses and cuddles and everything nice. A tough little cookie who is so loved by her older sisters.

We are so happy for our little beauty, we just wouldn’t be without her charm, sense of adventure and flirty way of being.

Happy Birthday beautiful girl – we can’t wait to see what you’ll learn in the next year! Endless amounts of love to you ❤

(Oh, and very happy birthday to my bestie as well, who is now so lucky to share her birthday with Ricks! I love you!)

Lovely and kissy she is!

Serving up birthday jelly for our little one!

Aah, Jelly is the best:)

The most beautiful one year old there is!



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