Oh, hello there, 2015!

Everyone else is talking about the year that was and the year that is coming, so I thought it’d be my turn now. It has been quiet from our part of the world, for no other reason than me not taking the time to sit down and write. But at least this is something…

2014 started off with a bang for us, becoming a mother for the third time, to a ‘surprising’ baby girl, who is now standing up by herself, almost walking next to tables and chairs. She has really found a voice in amongst the rest of us as well, and likes to chat.

With our move in the middle of the year, I was very sad. I had made such great friends over in NSW, and going back to Adelaide, where I had none was a huge bummer. But the move has had positives as well, such as getting back to my old gym and being in our own house again.

We have learned of more difficulties when it comes to Melodies diabetes, but no challenge is to big! I recently ‘heard’ from a good friend that ‘everything is impossible until it is done’ – which is very suitable and oh, so right!

5 things I have been better at this year:

Excercising – coming back to my old gym was awesome, and I intend to keep it up until we move again!
At not giving a …. – life has so many ups and downs, and I just don’t have time for all the stresses…
Listening to new music – spotify has saved me many times this year!
Trying new recipes – I always say this, but never do, this year I have been great!
Putting my relationship first – after kids it is easy to forget, but this year we have actively made time for each other, and we are happier than ever as a result!

Things I need to improve on:

Staying in touch – man, after moving, I feel awful about never having the time to write a simple message to people that I love, and I just never ‘find the time,’ although it may only take a minute!
Finding myself – living in NSW I found myself in the musical theatre world over there, but have yet to find myself in Adelaide.
Walking the dog – I literally never walk the dog alone. I can find ten different reasons and excuses why, but the main reason is that once Simon is home, I get lazy… But I need to stop being lazy with her!
Keep toxic out – I don’t know if I want to elaborate to much, but nobody needs toxic people and/or relationships – so out they go!

I have stopped doing resolutions, as it is just a fad, but I thought if I started a new tradtition of praising myself first, then coming up with improvement-points, then I can look back next year and see how I went in general.

I have had a great year, really, and I am happy to start another one with my beautiful family.

I’ll give you some photos of my girls enjoying sparkles outside our house before. The snow is gone, but the fun is still here!


With the third or fourth round of popping, banging and raining fireworks still ringing around us, I bid 2014 adieu while feeling the joy of a new year rushing in. The oldest girls got to wake up to see the fireworks, but are now fast asleep again. Oh, happy new year to you all!



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