Foodie Friday: Norwegian tradition

For today’s food blog I thought I’d write about something very special to Norway. It is basically potatoes. Just different. You see, potatoes grow well in our country, so we always had lots and lots of it. We basically served it up with everything we ate. Fish and potatoes were standard in our homes.

Some clever people came up with a way to change it up a bit, and came up with a recipe for what can only be translated to Potato dumplings. We call them ‘Ball’, but it has other names in other parts of the country, such as ‘Potetball’ and ‘Komle’.

This week, my grandmother made hers, which are the best in the world, and brought them to our house. It was awesome!

What it is, is shredded potatoes, mixed with flour and probably some more, shaped into balls, then cooked in a broth flavoured with salty meat (beef). We usually put a piece of speck (or thick pieces of bacon) in the middle to keep the moisture and to give it flavour, and I also like mine to have a piece of ‘Mår’ in it, which is a type of cured meat.

We serve them up with boiled carrots, swedes and sausages. While hot, we cut them open and pour butter over them. Bacon is also a great addition. Often, crazily enough, they are served with a side of more potatoes! As if that’s really needed.

It is super yummy, and such a specific food for our part of the world. I know very few people who do not love it.


I hope I get another serve before we go back!



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