Foodie ‘day after Friday’ – breakfast time Norway style!

(I kinda meant to make this post yesterday, but you know, life happens:))

One thing that is certain is that food looks different in every country. Where an Australian breakfast looks like weetbix and milk, toast and vegemite or a full breakfast with eggs, sausage, bacon and the whole caboodle, a Norwegian breakfast looks nothing like it.

I am not going to say that what I eat while I am here is equivalent to the breakfasts eaten in the whole country, but I am placing my bets on it being not far from it.

Hot breakfasts are not really a thing here. What we do, is open sandwiches, which is essentially a piece of bread (which is hardly ever white – whole meal or grains is our preference) with some sort of topping. The toppings obviously vary, from spreads made of liver, fish, cheese and more, to cheeses of different colours and sliced meats. Sometimes we may have yoghurts and/or cereals, but the open sandwich is definitely a Norwegian thing.

This is what a standard Melodie and Sophia breakfast looks like:

This is my mothers homemade bread with ‘Leverpostei’ spread on top. Very standard, and I don’t know anyone who does not like leverpostei. It can easiest be described as a liver pate. Very yummy!

This is the breakfast I shared with Sophia this morning:

Here you see four different varieties of the open sandwich. Clockwise from the top, there is ‘graddost’, a cheese who may be more Swedish than Norwegian, but something I have eaten since I was little. It is softer and mellow, and comes in a round shape. The next one has got another type of cheese, this one a bacon-flavoured spreadable one, a ‘shiny’ cream cheese. On the bottom we have the brown goats cheese, which to many may seem odd, but it is perfectly normal to us. It has a nice caramel-like flavour, and I have eaten it since I was a baby. I have found it in Australia with the name ‘Ski queen’. The last one has sliced meat on it – we call it ‘fårepølse’, which essentially means sausage made with sheep animals. On top there is mayonnaise, but not like anything you can buy in Aus. This is pure goodness – and my husbands favourite!

So, there you have it – standard Norwegian breakfast, at least according to me!



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