Where do I start??

We have now been home for almost a whole week, and it is just such an awesome feeling to be surrounded by the best bunch of people in the world. (No offence to the rest of my friends in the rest of the world – the people here just ‘get me’ so much better than most of you! Still love yous though:))

We left Adelaide last Thursday, where my nervousness was through the roof, and my stomach was churning and ready to throw up. You all thought it – I know – ‘she is insane, figuring she can fly across the world with THREE kids under five!’
Oh, and I thought it, too! But you know what? It went splendidly! Not only did the kids behave slightly better than I could have hoped for, there was also lots of strangers and crew helping us – so it all just went smoothly – and I would do it all over again!

I didn’t have many extra hands to take photos with, so these are the ones I have from the trip:)

Arriving in Norway was just so awesomely special and awesome, and once we came all the way home I my mothers house, my best friend was there as well as my sister, and my brother rolled in the door not long after. It was the best homecoming!

Since our first day, the kids have settled their routines and they have already been out enjoying themselves in the snow! I was surprised by a bunch of friends and family who planned and orchestrated a surprise-party, which I absolutely loved! I told you these people are the best for a reason!

Have a look at some photos:

My little Mel – first time skiing!



Winter is fun – and snow is the best!

There is something so incredibly beautiful about someone seeing snow for the very first time – like these little ones. They’ve eaten it, thrown it and played in it – and my sis even built a snow lantern together with Sophia. Magical!

As per tradition, we make seven varieties of Christmas cookies. Yesterday we made gingerbread biscuits together:



Ricky thought it best to taste ALL of it…

And then we decorated them:

… Or Sophia ate them mostly…;)

It has been lovely coming home – and the best part has been seeing the people I love and that love us. You never really know how much you care about someone until you are with them again<3



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