It’s the first!!

Where I am from – there are certain rules. When it comes to Christmas.

NO Christmas decorations before December. The only exception is if the advent period starts before December, then purple all around is okay. But nothing, and no eating Christmas treats before this month. This has obviously shaped me to what kind of Christmas person I am today – as I cringe and look away whenever I see photos of peoples decorated Christmas trees in early November – and even though I can live with the shops putting them up – Christmas decos before December just – NO!

Same thing goes for colours, really. I throw up a little in my mouth when I see pinks and blues and yellows on the trees. And shiny, sparkly purple does not belong at Christmas in my opinion! Of course, each to their own, but it is just not acceptable in my house. I know it sounds strict, but hey, my family has always had these traditions. (The exception to this would obviously be if the kids made them, then I’d accept any colours!:))

That being said – once December hits – It is ON! At midnight, I played my favourite Christmas song, and I was almost kicked out of bed.And if it wasn’t for the fact that we leave in a few hours, the tinsel would be hanging from the ceiling and there’d be bells all over the house. I have been dancing and singing all day – and Simon wonders if I’ll ever go back to ‘normal’ songs.

Because NOW! Now it begins – and I’m having a white Christmas!




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