Packing woes

I am sitting on the bed, contemplating my next move. I have two full suitcases, and still a big bunch of stuff to bring. I just went through all
Make-up things and decided to just bring the lot. Who knows, right? I don’t even use it that much, but at Christmas there may be more partying… I don’t know.

The kids have their backpacks ready, jut a few toys and their headphones in each. I expect them to use the tablets mostly, but it’s good to have back up.

My carry-on suitcase is almost full, with beanies and fleecy clothes all around, as we’ll get changed before stepping on to the wintery Tarmac in Oslo.

I have slowly filled up my backpack with everything from colouring-in books to tissues and lollies and pain killers.

But now I am at a stand-still. I don’t know where to go from here! You know when you have so much to do you just feel like taking a break an start over? Yep. Regardless – we need to get there tonight, as tomorrow is a big day in SO many ways!

Wish me luck!



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