Big day!

I think, as a mother, there are few days more significant than the first day of school. Suddenly your little baby is no longer going to have lazy sleep-ins and weekends will suddenly have meanings. They will come home with new knowledge about all sorts of topics as they explore the world around them in a different way. New names will pop up in their vocabulary as they make friends by the dozen instantaneously.

And that day is now closer than ever for me. I KNOW I’ll cry. I know I’ll be nervous. And I know that she is beyond excited about her new life as a school girl.

Tomorrow Melodie is having an introduction day at school. I will be right there at a parent information meeting and a volunteer induction, and Simon will be across the road with the babies at the playground. Still – I now have to prepare myself for letting go. Because next time I will be further away. And my baby girl is a big school girl – soon!

I will use these next two months before she is a full-time school girl just snuggling and cuddling and continue l teaching her the most important thing – love 😀



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