Having a Beachy Ball

It’s pretty cool to think that in less than a week, my babies and I will be en route back to my friends and family – hopefully on our way to play and have fun among snowmen and lanterns (but if there is no snow, we will go chasing it!).

Today was the last day of Simons time off work after they had him away from us for way to long, and we took a drive to the beach. Melodie, who previously used to hate swimming in any kind of wavy water, was the first one in, and despite the windy weather, absolutely loved the waves crashing on her and played the jump-over-waves game.

Ricky hasn’t been in the sea much yet, but definitely had a great time in the water – so much so that she fell asleep only seconds after starting the car to go home. Looks like yet another water baby!

Needless to say, Sophia swallowed half of the water available as usual, Simon and I look at her in horror while she rolls around in the sea. Head over, head under, over, under – and then she jumps back up as if nothing happened! She is a freak in the water! (But don’t worry, we are always right next to her…:))


A week ago we realised Ricky is getting to big for her car seat, and we knew the car would struggle fitting three big seats in next to each other, so our solution was to get Melodie a booster and move the other ones up to next one. Having the choice between black and pink or blue zebra-striped – I would never have let her choose pink, I am usually very conservative when it comes to those things: “What if we have a boy?” I am sure that I could buy him a new one. So pink zebra it is, and she loves her new seat! And all the girls were loving their new spots in the car.


I am very busy fretting and stressing, not expecting it to end soon! But I have a list or a few…



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