Today (19.11.14)

You know, I really hate it when Simon is gone. He has now been gone for ten days – and he’s not home yet. What usually happens is I get bored. I mean, we’re married, and despite people often getting tired of spending time with their spouses, I enjoy his company more and more as time goes by. So when I am alone I get bored. Not only that, but things always go wrong when he is gone. This time I’ve had two of the kids with a fever, the TV stopped working and today even the water was gone. Are you kidding me? On top of that I can’t really get any ‘real’ shopping done. Anything more than an hour and the kids get sick of it. To be honest, I do to, it’s just that I understand the need for it – but they don’t.

Anyway, went to the gym today, which we love, and we went to do some shopping regardless. As expected, the girls managed about an hour before they had enough. I did manage to get some stuff sorted for our trip overseas soon, but I still need to go by myself to just ‘get it done.’

Lunch helped out, though, and kept them busy for a bit.

I need my man home soon, I miss him:(



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