Thoughtful Tuesday: What do our children want?

Being a parent – you end up with so many challenges, more than you ever expected.

The fact that I, or we, have to make so many choices for our little ones – who don’t yet know what they want – is absurd! I mean, we have to, obviously, but it is terrifying.

We have to choose what food they eat, the religion they will be brought up in, what kind of school to go to, how and where to socialize, their friends and pretty much their outlook on life. To start off with anyway. The choices that we make for ourselves can sometimes be hard enough, not to mention making them for someone else. Someone small, who trusts us with everything they are and with everything they do. They must. There is no choice for them – as they can’t make the decisions themselves. Of course, we can ask for their opinions about certain things, but in most cases they don’t have the ability to make informed choices.

How am I to know that the choices I have made and continue to make will be the right for them? That they will end up being good ones? What if it all backfires, and they come back as adults saying: “I wish I/we/you did not do that.” Or “If only you didn’t make me do that.” What if they come back and tells me they hated it? That they wished things were done differently?

How am I to know what is right? And how am I to know the right way to go?

I can only try, I guess. We can only do our best – and try to keep our children’s best interest at heart in what we do. What do our children want? And we won’t know until they are adults anyway, will we.

What responsibility!




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