It’s the simple things

As we are going overseas soon, there are some things we need to purchase. We went yesterday (as our plans were cancelled) to look for some things to cross off some things on my list. I needed a carry-on wheeled suitcase (as mine travelled to Norway without me at the beginning only the year…) and headphones for the girls.

If you hadn’t noticed, Melodie LOvES everything dinosaurs, so when we found kids headphones with dinosaurs on it there was no way back. We didn’t get a pair for Sophia yet, because I wanted to see if she can use the same kind as Mel first.

When it was time to go to bed at night, I was not in the mood to read a story for Mel, so a perfect opportunity to dodge it by letting her use her new ‘earmuffs’ as she calls them. I quickly whipped up a Spotify playlist for her, and half an hour later I could still hear her lying in bed singing along to her music.


After I told her to finish up, she looked at me with the biggest smile:

I love you, Mamma. I love when you buy these great earmuffs for me so I can listen to music. It makes me feel like you love me and music lots and lots. And I love music lots, too. I can’t wait to sit on the plane and listen. You are a good mum.

It’s the little things that matters. A set of headphones made her day, which ultimately made mine.



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