Party time! …or?

Just imagine this; it’s a Saturday – lunch time. You’re sitting outside with your partner contemplating what to eat and when to start packing, because for the first time in years you’re going to a party together. The kids’ babysitters are all taken care of, a new outfit has been purchased for the occasion, and you even allocated money for it in the budget (just in case the night got wilder than expected:)). You’re slightly nervous, as it’s been ages since you went to an actual party together – and obviously for the kids (mainly Melodie and her diabetes) and their ‘sleep over’. Only enough to not worry about it all, but still feel every motherly feelings towards it all. Add to that the fact your partner is flying out to Queensland Monday afternoon for 1 1/2 weeks – it’ll be great to spend that time together as a couple. Sounds like we’ve got it all planned, right? We did.

Then Simons phone beeps. A message. As I sit opposite him I hear he starts swearing to himself; “No way,” “Get lost,” “Are You serious??.”
I immediately think that the party must have been cancelled for some reason, and keep asking Simon what it said, but it took at least 15 seconds before he looked up and said that they were going to fly out in the morning instead of Monday.

Which immediately pissed us both off, before Simon got on with it and started packing his bags as he now had less than 24 hrs before leaving. I was still rather angry – on the ONE day we had plans and everything arranged.

BUT we decided to go to the party still, and we did have a great time. We had to cut it short, obviously, and I was driving – so no enjoying of fine wine – but we thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company for the few hours we had to ourselves.

I was still so bummed out by the time we got home, and waking up to say goodbye to Simon, when our plan was to drive to the beach with the girls made the mood even worse for me. But hey, it is the life of a military family, nothing ever stays the way you expect it to! It was a great party, though, and we wished we could’ve stayed all night:)

IMG_0846.JPGAll dressed up, and somewhere to go, but can’t stay!

IMG_0856.JPGStill very much in love with this man<3

Have you had plans cut short in the last minute? And how did you handle it?



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