Throwback Thursday – Ricky

Man, I love this girl. She has now grown to become such a happy little bundle of energy. This photo was posted on Facebook 26th march – when she was just nine weeks old, still sleeping all day long. People fall in love with her within minutes, and that day the photo had this text attached to it:

Good night to you all, and to all a good night. To my friends who are near, and to those out of sight. May we rest now, for mornings bring days that are new, a custom made adventure, just for you! Dream of tomorrow, with rainbows and jazz hands, forget about troubles, for only these moments. And when the sun gets up, and the first beams shine through; you will smile to yourself and know you’re happy that you’re You. xxx

I have always been so endlessly in love with the little ones, so much it hearts. And when they’re so little and I take time out to just look – my mind gets creative. Lyrics go dancing in my head and sometimes I manage to get it down onto paper in an understandable manner. These little snippets of inspiration are just what I need sometimes. I am not a poet, nor am I a songwriter – but I write.




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