The last of the big news week is here!

I know I promised the last news to arrive on the weekend, but hey, it’s still weekend somewhere in the world, right?

I am absolutely over-the-moon excited about this, you cannot even imagine. And at the same time it is SO bittersweet and sad. I am not going to hide the fact that I have been longing for my home country for the last three years. I have had days where I wanted to just sit down and cry over the fact I was missing my friends and family. I felt trapped in this country before my Visa (which took over 18 months!) was approved, when I was not allowed to leave the country at all. And then, when my Visa finally got approved and we were on our way to having saved up enough money to travel there, buckets full of unexpected expenses just poured over us. So, needless to say, it has been a bit tough at times. At the same time we love the life we live and even if it means not always getting our way exactly the way we want it – the universe has a way of giving and taking that we just can’t explain.


I will get to sit in front of the fireplace, smell the real pine tree and breathe in the cold, icy air that only the true winter can make. And best of all, I get to show my little girls what Christmas is really like! Not to mention the food – the glorious, magnificent Christmas food that leaves our guts just that little wider and our hearts just that little happier. I get to give my friends long, warm hugs to make up for the last three years of no hugging at all, and I will sit at my favourite cafe with my favourite coffee with my favourite people for hours and talk about stuff that is of absolutely no importance but oh, so important after all. And I will get to see the smiles of my babies’ faces when they see and touch snow for the first time. I’ll get to roll around in the snow with them and see their eyes widen when they taste the fresh snow – only to tell them it will ‘give them worms.’ Then we will rug up underneath the blankets in front of the TV with hot cocoa and freshly made buns with homemade strawberry jam while watching the annual Advent calendar TV show. And they’ll have the rosiest cheeks and stars in their eyes when I take them out on new years eve for the fireworks celebrations. Melodie will get to meet her cat for the first time and my brother will be teaching the girls how to make a snow fortress, just as he did for me when we were children. My grandmother will get to cuddle her youngest great grandchild, Ricky, whos middle name is named after her husband, my late grandfather. I am BEYOND excited and happy!

And of course, a bit sad. Simon is not coming with us. He has to work. And by work, I mean they are flying him away for most of December. I would have had to spend Christmas ALONE! Nuh-uh. I would hate it. So we are leaving the country and going from alone – to the other extreme – with everyone! And I can pout and be miserable that I’ll be without him, but reality is I would be without him regardless. I am just going to be without him over there – and not alone.

So there you ave it, the final news are out. I am sorry if you guessed something and it was incorrect and you’d rather have that happening, but I am happy anyway!:D

IMG_0724.JPGSee? Happy!:D



2 thoughts on “The last of the big news week is here!

  1. That’s awesome you will be in your heartland but bittersweet that Simon won’t be in your arms for Christmas. I will certainly be looking forward to seeing your White Christmas photos while we celebrate our Aussie Festive Season 🙂


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