An evening drive leads to new discoveries

Simon and I are big fans of going for a drive in the evening, to explore, or just for a coffee. We often have long talks about the future (and current state) while the kids are very happy to sit in the backseat looking out the windows and enjoying the view. We sing together and stop for photos and talk about what we see.

Our suburb is basically at the edge of the countryside, so seven minutes up the hill and we are driving amongst vineyard and farms and tiny little county towns. Today we drove the ‘opposite’ way, through the Barossa, then ending up going down the hill to our home. There is such serenity to be found in these areas, and as I had never been there before, we have decided to go back during the day so we can enjoy it more.

Roos by the Whispering Wall. Haven’t seen any in ages

IMG_0738-0.JPGNo filter on this one:) Beautiful sunset in a beautiful spot!

IMG_0739.JPG I found my own little ‘Norway’ with pine trees everywhere!

Australia really is such a beautiful place with so many new treasures to explore around every corner, and we love new discoveries! (Where’s my caravan? Got a free one for us?;))



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