In the last three days our mail had piled up and we ended up with no more than six parcels to open up at the same time! It was like Christmas! Actually, it was. I got a DVD, a book, a Bellabox, another box full of samples plus a huge box of goodies sent from Norway! Talk about lucky! (Oh, and Simon got some stuff for his model airplanes…)

In the big box the girls got presents from family and it was chock full of lollies, chocolate and other treats! And I have a pt session tomorrow, great timing…:)

Simon has been working late the last two days, so today I decided to get out the best part of the parcel. My family have sent me The holy nectar of Christmas – also known as Julebrus. I have not had that since Melodie was less than a year (2010!!) and it epitomises Christmas for so many Norwegians. The disputes are high and long about which variety is the best (as each ‘region’ kinda has it’s own) – but I ain’t one to be picky!

So after a smoking hot day like today, I am now enjoying my sweet juice of Christmas’ pasts. (I really should save it for Christmas , but really? I couldn’t wait:))

IMG_0697.JPGI could’ve just put a tree there! Look at that bottle. Yu uhm!

Do you have a specific treat that ‘belongs’ to Christmas? That you just have to have?



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