Busy, busy! Big news number TWO!

We have had a busy few weeks. On top of all the busyness that comes being a family of seven, we have just made a decision about our life that will probably change things a bit for our future.

When I first d to Australia, we were living in a house. I didn’t like living there much, as Simon lived there with his ex wife for a bit (and I know that is petty, but I didn’t want to start our life together in ‘another woman’s’ home.). We went house hunting and eventually bought the house we are in now, but decided to keep the other one – ‘let’s try to get rich by renting out our house!’

Things didn’t work out as well as we hoped. You don’t get rich by renting out a house. Long term it has cost us so much money and stress, and now we have had enough. We are selling the house! We’ve tried hard to ‘hang in there’ until it is positively geared – but waiting a potential ten years until we are really making a few dollars is just not worth it.

So out it goes to free up cash flow for our next stage in life! Hopefully it goes smoothly and quick.

Here’s so making the big, important decisions and hoping it is the right one!


So we’ll be a bit busy in the next weeks when it goes on the market – wish us luck!



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