Big news week: The student news!

In the first big news this week I am so overjoyed and happy to announce that my baby sister is moving to Australia next year to embark on her biggest journey yet; as a student at the University of Wollongong!

It is very exciting to know that in only a few months I will have family living in this country as well, and to know we will be able to see each other much more often!

Of course I am thrilled for her and so proud for taking on this next part of her life – far away from home and everything that is known.

I’d love to be able to take credit for her big move, but she would have found herself moving to Australia regardless of where we were, but as she has visited the south coast twice in the last two years and absolutely fallen in love with the area, this may have helped her deciding on Wollongong versus the other Unis around the country. I love the south coast as well, so I don’t blame her at all!

She will be arriving at the airport here in Adelaide to spend a few weeks with us before moving across before her school starts – and I can hardly wait to chill by the pool with her and take her to show her around our favourite parts of this state as well.

Super excited and amazingly proud! I hope the south coast people give her as much kindness and hospitality as I receive while living there, as there really is some incredible people living there. This of course gives us another reason to travel over there to visit the area!

Beautiful kids, we were. My big brother in there as well. Stylishness all the way!

These are awesome news to me, obviously, and I am stoked!
Her blog is if you would like to check it out.

Have you got any tips for her move to Wollongong? Places to shop, visit and stuff to do? Any areas to avoid?

An excited Line


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