Monday Morning Blues.

When the dad of the house has had nearly a week of not working, and then out the door he goes Monday morning, it makes us all feel a little sad. Oh, if he could stay home all the time, how we would love it! But he loves working and we kinda do need money, so we just have to agree that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and I know when he comes home tonight he will be welcomed by us all – with smiles and cuddles and everything in between.

The last week was great though, to be able to get away for just a little bit, it has left us very inspired and lit up some dreams for out future, so we have something to focus on. We are planning a move in quite the near future, but Simon and I have come up with a plan for retirement which we are now working on. I won’t say much, as I like to keep our plans and dreams under wraps (as I share so much already, having something that is ‘just mine’ makes me feel good.) until they become a reality. It is not like they are special in any way, I believe our retirement dreams are pretty close to what a lot of others dream of, but still – our secret! Of course, when things are realized and set in stone, I’ll be boasting!

(My goodness, I am 26 – thinking about retirement… Get me out!:D)IMG_0606.JPGSimon and Sophia – our little water baby.

After coming home from our little camping trip, we all had a dip in the pool. Sophia is still the most daring kid I have met when it comes to water – jumps straight in with her little swim ring on, and kicks around with her little feet!


All the little girls, still in the tent, doing colouring-in together.

It is funny how kids can find time to be bored – even when we are out and about on holidays. This time I had a plan though. I got them brand new crayons and colouring-in books each, so every time they were ‘bored’ I just said “Go and do some colouring!” And hey presto, they weren’t bored!



Simon and the girls together with the boat. They all love it.

Taken when we arrived home, this photo is a standard one when being down there. All the girls together with their dad. Some shoes missing here and there, and not everyone focusing, but I’d say it is a pretty good one considering there are five people there!:DIMG_0598.JPG

This is how our camp looked before packing it up. Our tent is so awesome (although I am dreaming of a caravan…) and has two bedrooms, one lounge and a kitchen. We have had this setup for about three years now, and we love it. The OzTrail gazebo is the best feature, it just makes it such a nice area to sit under.IMG_0614.JPG

Weekend dressups, my little baby princess Ricky:DIMG_0613.JPGA break in the shade with Sophia and some grapes.


This was the first time camping with Ricky, and you might say we are crazy for travelling with two kids two years and under, and I might have agreed with you if I didn’t know them so well! The biggest issue really, was bedtime. Ricky would fall asleep, but Sophia is at the stage where bedtime might take half an hour as she has cries and tantrums for a bit before she settles. And most days she will have a little attention-cry. When you are at home, we just let her have her cry. But at the camping grounds, it is just not as easy. Everyone will hear her crying, and it will be even worse for her, as she will hear all the other noises, and to top it off, she is not even in her own bed anymore! I have never been the kind that won’t care about others, so I did not want her half-hour long whinge affect other peoples sleep, so we took the girls for a drive in the car to fall asleep. Both Simon and I like going for drives, and we got to see the sunset beautifully, so no real loss there! From there it was easy to transfer the kids to their beds. The first night Sophia woke up at around midnight crying. She slept in the bed with us as we only have one travel cot, so she wakes up and is completely scared of something. She called out our names and I picked her up for a cuddle, but she just did not settle. It wasn’t until I shone the light on Simons face and myself she calmed down. I think she woke up and didn’t understand where she was – and got scared. The second night there were no scary wake-ups, so I think she was more aware then.

We had such a good week and weekend, where we spent most of the time in the pool. God, I love that pool! Now, back to reality again..:)



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