TT: Swimming with the Dolphins

A few years back, I said to Simon I’d rather have an experience than presents for my birthday (which I want every year, really…). We decided to go for a dolphin swim here in Adelaide, and it was awesome! Melodie was only one year then, and she was dropped off at Simons sisters house early, early in the morning, and then we drove off to Glenelg to jump on to a catamaran to take us up the coastline to the close by suburbs, north first, then further south. It was awesomely thrilling and exciting, and I was so frightened the first time I jumped in the water with the dolphins, but the second time, ensuring Simon was right behind me (you know, so he could catch me if I let go..:P) it was just awesome. In the end we were joined by a mother and her baby, and their playful noises under water is still something I bring up in my mind if I need a smile:)

Highly, highly recommended!


Oh, yeah, that’s me, right there! Pretty!


Two of our friends!


Awesome day!




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