Boats and shows.

Or, one of each, rather – it just sounded better;)

We arrived at the Coobowie caravan park and set up camp just in time for lunch. It’s been nearly two years since pitching, but the tent stood there loud and proud after a few minutes and with minimal effort. I could really see us touring the country with it, if I had only me and Simon. (With all the kids we end up with too much stuff to pack/unpack.)

We left the park as quickly as we came, Simon and Jasmine went fishing , while the girls and I found ourselves going to the cutest little country show. With a petting zoo, huge roosters (I refuse to use the other name!), and a lucky dip, the girls were very happy with their outcome.

Simons catch of the day was 6 king George whiting, which he was only mildly impressed by. He’s been fishing here all his life, so he has his expectations. But there’s another day tomorrow!

We’ve now had tea, rather stressfully but successfully gotten all four if the girls to sleep, so we’re sitting down enjoying the quiet and the blood moon eclipse. Epic.



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