Going away!

We had a great week last week, with a fun meet-up in Adelaide with a friend from NSW, a late beach day when Simon came home early and fun, crafty days for the kids, but then the weekend came and a sickness entered our house. Both I and Melodie were sick Friday, Sophia vomited just before midnight and Simon followed up with himself getting it all Sunday. So the weekend has been rather dull. Simons sister and nephew came over Sunday, which the kids loved. Little Charlie is only a few months younger than Sophia, so they get up to mischief together, and I know they will be trouble in years to come!:) We had a quick dip in the pool – it is absolutely up and running for the summer – and we made our plans for this week.


Melodie in Adelaide

Jasmine is here, so we are going away tomorrow. Simon has one place here that he absolutely just loves. So we are going there for a few nights tomorrow. Camping, in our awesomely huge tent, with the boat in tow and the whole bunch of girls. It will be a hoot, and a blast and just generally awesome. Here’s hoping for great weather and no mosquitos!




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