One of those days…

I hate having sick children. But I hate it even more when I am sick, too. To have to drag out the mum love when all I want to do is curl up into a ball as well and retreat to the bedroom with no noise – just to heal.

This morning I woke up sick. I was convinced it was something that would pass rather quickly, so Simon went to work as usual. But, my body did not agree this was meant to be short-lived, and I was lucky enough to get both little ones to have an early nap. I told Melodie that “Mamma will just lie down, I might fall asleep.” And so she comes to tuck me in, that angel.

I give in and call Simon to get him home, knowing he only had half a day at work today. He said he’d be home after he’d done what he needed, so I tried to have a snooze. This kind of sick is one I have every 4-5 months. I am cold and hot and my muscles are so weak it seems I’ve been in a cast for months – I can barely carry a cup of water.

I shiver, and do not want to be touched – and I call it my own type of cold. It usually last no longer than 24hrs.

Simon comes home and takes the girls with him to pick up Jasmine. They then go to see Simons mum for a while while I am shivering under the covers, with five minute sleep intervals.

But then he comes home. I hear Melodie is crying, roll my eyes thinking there has been some kind of a fight. But no – she vomited. All over the car. And I must take on mum responsibilities again while Simon cleans up.

Now she is lying next to me in our bed, hot as fire, in the ‘sick bed ‘ as she called it. At least we have each other ❤

(I just hope this time her sickness doesn't mess up her blood sugars!)



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